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Contact September 28, 2011



2 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Linda Kirchubel Says:

    Hi – love you site. I’m looking for some fun ideas for a pub themed party.In honor of my son, who is marrying an English girl, the menu is a split of British/American pub foods. He lives in England and they, plus her parents and sister, are coming for Christmas and I’m doing an Open House so that our friends can meet her. In addition to typical American pub snacks like wings and dips, I’m making mini Cornish pasties, trifle shots and instead of bangers and mash I’ll do bangers on a pick with mashed potato puffs. We’re decorating our already pub-themed basement with English flags and an adorable red phone booth. Do you have any suggestions as to simple party favors that won’t cost an arm and a leg? My husband is already flipping over the cost of this thing Thanks! LOL.

    • hiphostess Says:

      Hi Linda – Sounds like a great party and I love the personalized theme! I have a few ideas for favors. How about giving homemade scones and english tea (put both together in a cello bag and tie with red, white and blue ribbon)? It’s a nice treat for the morning after. Or you could buy inexpensive pint glasses at the dollar store and fill them with peanuts in the shell and a British flag (I’m assuming you’re buying those in bulk for the decorations). You could make personalized labels for beer bottles (check at a craft stores like Michael’s for wine/ beer labels) with the couple’s names, or give CDs with a mix of British/ American rock. Hope these ideas help and please let me know how the party turns out! I’d love to see some pictures.

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